Lighting Repairs
Lighting Repairs

Lighting Repairs
Need lights... You Got It!!!
  • We do All lighting installation and Repairs
  • We can provide controls that turn you lights on when you need them and off when don't
  • We do Emergency Lighting Repairs and upgrades to meet Fire Marshall's Requirements
  • We do Energy Saving Lighting Upgrades
  • We do All lighting installation and Repairs

Installation and/or repair/upgrades Security lighting, fountain lighting, landscape lighting, even Christmas lighting can all be performed by us at Service First Pro. We install, repair and upgrade all levels of outside lighting. From 100 foot stadium lights to 6 inch accent lights, we install and maintain all lighting products.

Yes - We Install Your Lights

Lighting installation Yes, we will install lights you get at the big box stores. We will also work with you to design lighting solutions that are functional and even elegant. From recessed lighting to under counter lighting, we will give you options to light whatever concerns you may have.

Pole light Repairs - even up to 100'

Pole light repair Service First Pro has been installing and repairing light poles and stadium lighting for over 40 years. We have 40 and 56 foot bucket trucks. We have climbers that use safety harness' to free climb poles. We can install wood poles also with drill truck equipment. Call us to get your pole lights installed or repaired today.

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Texarkana - Premier Electricians

Thanks to Service First Electrical Pro, taking care of your electrical needs has never been more simple or affordable! From basic electrical services, such as ceiling fans, solar fans and solar power, underground wire and cable repair, lightning protection, generator, breaker and meter repair, minor safety items and complete construction services. We have the skilled technicians, equipment and expertise you expect to make sure the job is done right the first time. Schedule service 24 hrs 7 days a week here or call us at 318-688-7373 to talk with a customer service representative. Whether you’re needs are for your home or office, you’ll find all the information, solutions and outstanding service you need with Service First Electrical Pro.