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At Artex Electric safety, quality and your satisfaction are our most important goals. When we professionally repair your underground fault you can be sure that it will be done right with those same goals in mind. We know that your time is valuable and for most installations we can complete this install within a short period of time.Here is some good information about this product.

Underground cable and wire break detection and repair.

Service First / Artex Electric has the areas unique ability to find and repair underground Service Wire and Underground Cables. We can find the break with specialize instruments that detects the Break or Fault without having to replace the whole underground line.

If you wish to have your service wire or cables replaced, we can do this with a traditional underground trench. If you wish to avoid the mess of a torn up yard and landscaping, we offer trenchless underground installation. We can directional bore in your new service wires or data cabling.

Artex Electric safety, quality for your electrical service & repair needs in Texarkana  Artex Electric has Texarkanas unique ability to find and repair underground Service Wire and Underground Cables
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Maintenance free smoke alarm installed by Artex Electric.