Dimming Systems - by Artex Electric
At Artex Electric safety, quality and your satisfaction are our most important goals. When we profesionally install the Solar Attic Fan you can be sure that it will be done right with those same goals in mind. We know that your time is valuable and for most installations we can complete this install within a short period of time.Here is some good information about this product.

Home Dimming Systems

Whether you're looking for solutions for a single room, multiple rooms or interested in controlling the light throughout your home with a light control system, Artex Electric gives you the freedom to personalize your light in any space. We will seamlessly integrate electric light and daylight.

Compared to standard light switches, light controls installed by Artex Electric save energy, while creating inviting, comfortable spaces at home or work — making light greener and better.

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Maintenance free smoke alarm installed by Artex Electric.